Monday, February 29, 2016

The Edupreneurship master mindset

As an entrepreneurs schoolteacher I have a vision of the kind of life that will help me make a difference financially and professionally. I really do not intend to own a school but I would love to have a piece of every school. No teacher wants to be broke, but in the current situation of things wishing will do you no good, because it will not pay your bills, put your kids right schools, make your vacation memorable, buy your dream house, cars, gadgets, get you to attend professional development programs, further your education, help make the life of the needy ones better.

This is a follow up of my last article on making three lists in your career. Teachers are a very conservative career pack. Most times, we see affluence, as too much distraction to our job, yet the truth is that I never came across any millionaire educators who still assume that mentality. The proprietors of most premium private school are amongst some millionaires. They hire teachers and the teachers after twenty years teaching; they wish to be millionaires still doing the same classroom routine every day.
Classroom routine is one thing; creating wealth with your simple classroom routines is another thing. You have to come to realise how many years of your experience as an educator is 20% of your potential financial capability.  However, before we continue, let us straighten out some complacent lifestyle and mindset that is a setback to your financial potency.    
Total focus. 
It is easy to prioritise your choices/decisions once you have ascertained the goal and value of your teaching career.
Retrospect on how you became a schoolteacher and educator in the first place. Was it because it was the easiest career? Is it an obsession to contribute to the learning needs of other people? Is it to boost my economic and professional status?
Focus is the ultimate power, and if you want stellar outcomes from you teaching career, you need to know the results you are interested in achieving. Change your focus from just curricular activities to curricular product management.
If you classroom was a product how will you sell its content to a buyer; or if you were to stream your classroom activities live on YouTube for your audience to pay for your skills, what will it be worth? Only when you take full responsibility of this current scenario, then you can start thinking differently about your everyday teaching and learning practices.
Re-craft your Confidence.
I used to find public speaking a very difficult task to undertake. Moreover, the way I imagined my career would become in a few years, there was no way out, I would find myself in public selling either my brand or myself. I joined a public speaking program on Coursera; then I pleaded with the head teacher to give me 2-3 days in a week to host morning assembly, and after 6 months, I was able to build some level of audacity on stage, reading my audience and changing their mood. In addition, because I was able to gain focus on how I intend building my career, I understood the role of re-crafting my confidence and communication skills to benefit the future I envisaged.
When you focus on a purpose, especially in wealth building, you need confidence to keep you from getting discouraged by yourself or any other person. There will be times when your zeal reads negative values and other people do not believe in your quest. Only your resident confidence will help you stand up to your dreams.  
You must realize the moment you go after your biggest goals, obstacles will show up. They are there to test your character and faith, and to see if you are serious about your goals. The person with the most confidence always wins. When I got clear on the actions needed to start thriving, I felt my motivation and energy elevate. These days, the only security you have is the confidence in yourself and your ability to make things happen.
Change your circle of influence.
Building wealth as an educator becomes easy, when you join the flock of other people already building wealth in same or other fields. There comes a point in your life when you realize those who matters to reaching your goals, those who never did matter but are just there with you and those who always will be relevant at every point of your life.
Once you get clear on who you are and what you want, you must re-evaluate your Circle of Influence. Those and who you associate with is who you become. It is extremely important to have role models. A role model will raise your standards. A role model help you get over your complacency. Finding a role model or mentor will spark your mind because they are playing the game at a higher level than you are. Rebranding your experience is a profitable venture and many people are making a fortune from the everyday classroom teaching and learning activities, which you currently take for granted. Look for role models that are making money repackaging your ideas, follow them, spend time with their work processes online/offline and add your own unique wrapping to your vision.
Someone made it clear about the importance of a role models and circle of influence in wealth building:
If you hang around five confident people, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five intelligent people, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five idiots, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five broke people, you will be the sixth.
It’s inevitable.

Design your ideal result.
Now you have gotten a role model and you have been following their processes of success. It is now time to pick out the best aspects of their achievements and add you own flavour or customise it to meet the needs of your desired audience. To get into this realm, you have to create routines, tasks and goals that are geared towards recreating the results you desire.
You might have to change your habits and rituals, replacing them with productive habits and rituals. Know by keeping records, where, when, how and why your impacts are felt the most, then create these "result rituals'' will kick-start your journey into wealth building. Intentional actions are the only thing that will get you out of the obscurity. You might have been working 60 to 70 hours a week, including afterschol lessons, but nothing is going to change when there is no playback evidence of your work or experience. Start writing a book about your classroom, make photo books, video lesson etc. you only need an extra 30 mins routine a day to accomplish these simple tasks of documenting your skills and expertise; and in one year, you would have a product to sell.  
The greatest wisdom of all time is in astutely choosing what not to do with your time. Say "no'' more than you say ''yes''. Design everything around the lifestyle you envisioned for yourself, avoid time wasters and dream killers.
There has never been a better time in the history of our economy for schoolteachers and educators to become entrepreneurs of their career. Whether you are in the midst of struggle or thriving economy, I encourage you to continue challenging yourself as a teacher.

Reality T.V actress Kim Kardashian is making millions of dollars from her Barbie mobile app and yet she didn't jot down any line of computer code in developing the program. As such, I believe schoolteachers can get out educational apps on their teaching and help reach out to learners and other educators in this digital age. When you make a definite decision on what kind of person you will be, on an everyday basis, you start to gain control of your financial destiny. If you continue to choose growth in the moment, and show up better than you were yesterday, you will astound yourself at what you can accomplish. I will encourage all teachers reading this to dream bigger than your school/classroom.

Monday, February 22, 2016



Be proud of yourself for becoming an educator even in times when schoolteachers are not well paid. Learning, studying and investing in yourself do not stop when you start your teaching career; that is when it really starts. The sooner you understand that all the skills you need to learn and thrive in your career, will occur after you leave the confines of the teachers' training college conformity, the sooner you will succeed as a 21st century educator financially and professionally. Here are three game-changing lists that will help expand your influence as a classroom teacher. 

Making these lists a habit will help you execute every productive inspiration that comes your way.

1. To-do list
A schoolteacher To-Do menu includes each day's activities. Never start you day without having to comprehend mentally what it takes to complete the tasks for the day. I structure mine with daily routine tasks but you may find that a weekly list works better. You can optionally organize your to-do list by upcoming classroom/school projects. It is more rewarding to plan and make sure not to include too much on the list at once.
Now as international coordinator, during the gigantic workload managing the International Schools Award projects with colleagues, I made my to-do lists for the next day before I leave the office at night. I run through projects that are coming up and what had to be handled the next day. I include appointments and excursions on the list as well. I digest mentally the processes and when I came in the following day, I just refer to it as my road-map and hit the execution button.

Just because you can do something, does not mean you should handle the chores alone. Taking control is a difficult thing to give up, when you are talking about your career business. Prepare a list of those who can help you execute certain aspects of your projects, irrespective of your ability to do it, only do the follow-up process to ensure accurate completion time.

Outsourcing will provide you the freedom to focus on the tasks you are good at executing flawlessly; this will increase your chances of making productive impact in your classroom.

You want a beautiful design for a morning assembly presentation, meet the art teacher; you want a video coverage and editing for the presentation, meet the computer teacher. So, make a list of all the monotonous tasks that are necessary but that you do not need to get involved yourself. Responsibilities like classroom project video making, art craft, classroom excursion rally etc can easily be outsourced. Using the help of interns or NYSC staff, neighbours, siblings, classroom assistant teachers or even subject teachers will be worth the trouble, as the time you will save is staggering. Make sure you give a few days notification, in order to help them adjust their routine beforehand. The major idea behind your To-Outsource list is for you to focus on your strengths and delegate weaknesses.  

3. To-become list
Oprah Winfrey's mantra, “You become what you believe.” If you were paid more than enough and you had the time to do other things, what next will you become as an educator? The more you indulge in the habit of doing, then it becomes so much easier to attain much. Spreading your professional tentacles (continual impacts on learners and other educators) and making more money in your career is a lifelong practice.
Schoolteachers should get to a point where they can determine what comes into their bank accounts at the end of the month.  Taking time to write down how, what, where, who and when of your professional and financial development, can really seal the deal. Research psychologists admit that you have a 25% chance of achieving you vision by simply writing them down and mentally rehearsing the positive outcome.

Your To-become list can include anything that you want for your teaching business career and your life, include daydreaming activities. Keep thinking big, irrespective of unavailable resources of how you would achieve your goals; scribble it down always (on paper, phone notes etc).

The list will get you motivated, hold you accountable and remind you of priorities in completing your vision. Keep this list somewhere safe and set a reminder in your phone every few months to check it out and see how close you are to become your dream self. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

How superheroes are made in classroom careers

If teaching is a profitable venture, then it should be your business as an educator. As a schoolteacher, think of your classroom as your business center for learning and teaching; a market place where ideas are managed (identified, exchanged and improved upon). Imagine when each teacher sees their classroom, as an important unit that determines the overall quality and population (clientèle) of the entire school, then your perspective will change on how you run your classroom.

The thoughts of what will I do as the CEO of my classroom and business unit to make it an excellent hub for quality, attractive and profitable learning environment for your students. Making your classroom the best version of the entire school is one brand skill all schoolteachers should accomplish when building the career in education. Like every business that are customer centered, you classroom activities should also be learners centered.  
Understanding teacherpreneur ideals is key to ensure your classroom delivers quality education, mentorship and profitability (making the learning outcome potent) to learners and the entire school.  

Here are some key elements you should take into consideration and implement when reinventing your classroom career, as a learning and teaching business unit:

1. Accept your mentor status.
The assignment of a teacher seen from various perspectives, including role model and mentor in one or several academic and non-academic areas of your students. Apart from your teacher training background, there is wealth of soft skills you should develop in your career, like: creativity, problem solving, managing and operating on little or no budget allocation for your classroom activities. Moreover, the school management expects you as a class teacher to make the most of what is available to you, which you develop as a mentor by putting yourself in a big box, instead of limiting yourself in a smaller one. Every skill you develop at this point upgrades you to the oracle status, irrespective of your pay grade; you are definitely going to share your understanding of resource management with your current learners one way or another.  

2. Ban toxic influences.

Teaching requires clear intent with little or no distraction to keep you analyzing and making maximum impact on your learners. In order to achieve this, ditch people, activities and thoughts that is toxic to your life. Your career can last as long as you have to live with it; so you do not have enough time to gamble with your decisions.  So if you are staying, or working or moving around a toxic person or people who attack your confidence and bring you down, you must erase their influence from your life", especially those who disregard the professional title called "teacher".

3. Give yourself a break.
Be nice to yourself. Make time to humour yourself after each day's job of managing the affairs of your classroom. Humour is a creative activity that unnerves the strain and stress within you; helps eliminate wrath that you are likely to pour out on your students in class, when you are uptight with everything. Most times, I make deliberate effort to laugh at myself when am not in the best mood; like magic I am able to recalibrate my emotions in order to avoid any form of burnout at the end of the day. Before you became an educator, you were first human, most issues that you scream about in your classroom, can be handled effortlessly if you take a second thought without reacting involuntary.
Take time to relax and plan your reactions, and estimate your action in a worse case classroom scenario. This is not a deliberate expectation of bad circumstances to happen in your classroom or within your school, but you are preparing to cushion within, to absorb any unwanted shock in case of an emergency. Keep yourself in a conscious state of reasoning out a solution that makes you superhero." 

4. Your classroom should be a hive of inspiring ideas.
You can find ideas and inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I walk some distances at the cool of the day or weekends, to get inspiration from the people, activities and beauty I find around me. Taking notes into my mobile phone, of any idea that strikes a chord in my heart. Make notes even when what you see frustrates you in your daily life; then research creative ways to address those inefficiencies at work, home, neigbourhood. All it takes is an idea, your mobile phone or laptop with an Internet connection to create the next inspiring decoration in your classroom, which can later become a major source of income for you, because you made a change in the world.  
Do not let your inexperience stop you, I hear some schoolteachers say "I do not have a computer, I am not into the Internet of things and my phone is not smart enough; just another way of saying you are not ready for 21st century education. 

5. Focus on the positives.

When the most challenging kid in your classroom has at least 10% or less of something positive about them, which are enough resources to build 90% of your positive impact.  There is enough guilt to go around for their parents, so make conscious effort to build on the positive, though least significant areas of your troublesome students. Magnifying the positive over the negative, brings more light to the positive and darkness on the negative; and making a mountain from the negative will put it on the spotlight, diminishing any hope for the positive thrive.

The sandwich technique works miracle, you compliment, chastise and compliment in other to motive a positive performance in difficult students, or else, you wear out in the process of carrying out your duty.
6. Give up on finding the perfect job and life balance
Each day is a journey and the truth is you can do more when you prepare your mind to work before you attempt to do the work of the day. You would have prepared your body to overcome any stress that weighs you down, before the end of your workday. Most times, teachers are given miscellaneous tasks aside their job description, if it is not urgent, take time to digest the entire process  before you go to bed and early in the morning before you get out from bed, during meditation. See yourself accomplish your daily tasks step-by-step (not in details) before starting your day, thereby building enough mental capacity that would carry your entire body mass throughout the day, without breaking down later. 
Your first thought in the morning is likely the last one you slept with, consciously decide the next-day's intentions before going to sleep, by creating a positive expectation for the next day; you would have the courage to face your Monday morning chores like every other day of the week. 

7. Stop the comparison analysis.
When you plan your day and your life every day, you will find it easier to stop comparing yourself with others. Little do you know about the severe mental strain when trying to be like others people/colleagues; they have their destinies you have yours, though we are all educators, yet we are unique enough to make considerable diverse impacts within the same industry.
“Oh! Poor me” assumption only present you with options of indecisiveness, self-doubt, unproductive thought cycle and not your greater purpose or your nobler ability to trust in your potentials.

Mental exhaustion is far worse than body fatigue. A cup of water at interval during work or after each class can revive you almost instantaneously. However, it will take you an hour of sleep or more to recalibrate your brain to continue with your work, and I do not believe your boss will give you a pat on your back for that.
Like athletes, preparing mentally for work saves you 30% of energy at the end of the day, and this is enough energy for your evening relaxation routine, without which you become restless each night.

If you should, then compare yourself with the best in the industry not with mediocrity. Since it is easier to be the best and more difficult to remain the best, then a careful plan of your day and your life each day, working towards your goal(s) is essential to how you would love to see yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now as a schoolteacher.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Three steps to profile you as a schoolteacher

Educators are millionaires, but they have to refine their expertise to the point of becoming valuable and not just priceless. Your work as a schoolteacher is priceless, but unfortunately, in the world in which we operate, priceless Gems/portraits/artifacts etc are always caged somewhere for the purpose of admiration. Do not be deceived as a schoolteacher when you get so-called priceless award online, offline and by our employers who see us as priceless staff but are not willing to pay a pricey salary.  

At the end of each school session, most schoolteachers seek greener pastures, while others retire to a very different career, majority because of the inadequate pay and others for professional exposure and development. Strictly speaking, moving from one school to another is an unreasonable goal if you do not have a target for doing it. You should have a target and mindset set for moving and for every new school session and school term, you must give all it takes to profile, document and publish your accomplishment during or before the next school term or session. The simple reason is that your career as an educator is more than just your passion and profession, teaching is your source of livelihood (welfare and financial development) and many schoolteachers gamble unconsciously at this reality. Being well paid is not the issue, but as long as you do not own a piece the school (as shareholder), then your career there, is not secure.

Documenting and publishing your success stories and activities is the 21st century way of appraising a schoolteacher irrespective of your decades of undocumented professional service. It is very easy for schoolteachers to document their career, because majority of what happens in the classroom are demonstrative, and these are visual activities that can be profiled and documented.

A publishable experience is far better than plaques and certificates; if you can make money by presenting your certificates and experience, then you can make more money by owning valuable professional activities that you can use as a rate of exchange.         

Before the beginning of a new session or term, you should have a personal creative target for yourself, which will inspire learning, teaching or both. For me, in my school, I have decided to introduce Augmented Reality (A.R) in my classroom this academic session and that will be part of my profiling for this year; you might decide to teach your students story development in creative writing or classroom design or a life skill like bead making for a start.

Embedding a life skill in your creative classroom target actually helps you introduce vocational skill and activities systematically in to the curriculum.    

I believe 99% of Smartphone and laptops today have a camera (video and still images); and you might ask, how can I be teaching and recording at the same time? The answer is a selfie stick with a tripod stand and remote control for you Smartphone, the remote control on the selfie stick is actually powered by Bluetooth, so you can take snapshots and record videos from a distance without having to carry you phone around the classroom. The priceless feature about a selfie stick is that most of them cost a fortune of about $5 or less; yes five dollars.

There are video editing apps for android, iOS and windows phone can allow you cutout unnecessary clip from your videos or use moviemaker by free downloading on your windows laptop   

A text reader that can covert you written documents or your HPlease go over an fill the educators job satisfaction survey.OW TO activities to an audio file; there are apps online to convert any file to any format (mp3, wav etc). Checkout the link below, just copy and paste the typed text in the box, convert to major languages of your choice, and download the audio version of your handbook. It is that simple.
Automatically your target project for the academic session now has a photo book, DIY video, audio book and article, all to your credit.

Publish your resources, materials about your projects as a schoolteacher on relevant forums and websites. You do not want to create a great video lesson and post it where it will not be of benefit to your audience. Definitely, get a personal blog or website that will become your archive resort, for videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine etc), for photos (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc). Make sure you get published in every major forum online and offline that houses those of your educational area or academic interests, LinkedIn, Connecting classrooms, Microsoft in education,, Edmodo, Edutopia, Edujetage etc.    
A published educator is far valuable than an unpublished one, though their services might be priceless, yet the one who is published has more market value than the other does. All teachers attended the same college of education, at different places and at different point in time, but what makes the difference is the modern touch, you add to your field and expertise.

Your might not need to say much about yourself professional on your next job interview, because you already have dozens of your professional activities online. Which you will agree with me, speaks louder than any ten-paged resume, you plan on submitting to your next employer. Remember you are not just a schoolteacher; you are an authority or an author of knowledge

Friday, February 5, 2016

Customised Education and Financial development for schoolteachers

Does this describe you as an educator?
Are you a teacher with passion, professionalism and still poorly paid?
Are you a creative educator who is tired of mediocre structure of the educational system; you feel something has to change?
Are you an educator that aspires to reach diverse learners irrespective of language differences in formal setting?
Are you an educator who wants to see an educational revolution that will develop you financially and professionally simultaneously, without you losing your current job?

Then the idea of custom education is relevant, especially for the financial and professional development of a schoolteacher.
No two learners are the same, the need to customize education (learning/teaching aids) to reach the masses that are also not in school. Moreover, because people learn better with their mother tongue, it is easier getting more (assimilation, rapid learning etc) out a lesson in your dialect than trying to learn a new language in other to get the benefit of such education.

Creating diverse contents to suit various kinds of learners irrespective of who, and where they are, will bring the needed educational revolution. The attention given to schools is encouraging with several government and non-governmental agencies are out there making sure learners in school get adequate relevant attention.

Educators are millionaires but their expertise can be refined to become valuable with the appropriate tools, techniques and technology and documenting the best of each lesson resources. The irony of it is that most educators detest change; becoming stagnant is the number one factor that degrades the quality of a schoolteacher. You find schoolteachers sticking with several years of service in being stagnant teaching same way in their comfort zones; they do not see themselves trying new teaching techniques and technology that have the potential of turning around the fortune of their teaching career.

Custom Education
Schools might not be adequate to reach majority of potential learners, which custom education can handle effortlessly. There should be little difference between those learning in schools and those learning outside schools.
The word intellectual property is a well-known term, but it has not been well utilised and understood in order to create wealth for educators. After educating hundreds and thousands of learners, you should be at least able to put down your success stories and techniques for other generation of educators to benefit from, and can be a source of income for you.

Benefits of custom education
1. Lesson resources get regular updates.
2. When various languages are translated from lesson materials, there is a level platform for everyone to get standard education around the world.
3. Educators become more creative at improving on the standards of major curriculum.

The list is endless, as custom education becomes a revolution and the renewing of education. Language should not become a barrier to education, because learners are very comfortable when taught in their mother tongues or in languages they understand. We do not need to learn a new language to get the best in any form of education.

In the marketing world, we hear of target consumers and audience, but it will be foolhardy for a school and teacher not to have target learners; because our noble profession cannot be so different from every other career whose work is to focus on their target consumers. Similarly, education can never be the case of one size fits all; schools are trying to make money so they accept all kinds of learners, and textbook authors are also trying to make money, they print books that they assume meet the needs of all categories of learners.

When the world is a platform for learning and the Internet customized into a learning zones, many purposes are fulfilled, because no one dies ignorant.

Financially capable educators
In as much as we need professionally upgraded teachers, we also need financially capable teachers. It includes the knowledge you share on the job and the Knowledge you own in form of copyrighted resources; these can be in form of videos, books/eBooks, photo books, apps, augmented reality projects, charts, blogs/website seminars etc.

However, these are commonplace ideas, yet the worth of a specific knowledge increase in value in direct proportion to the avenues harnessed in exploring them and their effectiveness in solving specific problems. The professional value of Educators with at least seven diverse copyright materials as listed above, will makes best financial impact on the author (educator), than those with one or none.

Schoolteachers are not just educators but also authority figures; and the biggest question is how much power you can muster as a teacher, to inspire learners and still build lasting wealth?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Seven streams of income for educators on social media and OPR by Ashiedu Jude

If you are an educator with passion, that is great, but you can take further steps to be obsessed with your profession and make some extra bucks as your financial development. An Obsessive Professional Reorder (OPR), with respect to teachers, takes your career beyond classroom boundaries reaching out to the rest of the world online/offline; Reordering your career out of the norm is a creative way of thinking outside your classroom schedule. 

Let us analyze this scenario, two art teachers who love to paint. They establish their selves as art teachers in two schools.
·         Art teacher A, who loves teaching but avoids social media, or
·         Art teacher B, who teaches other people how to paint on YouTube and display finished paintings on Facebook with 50,000 followers combined.
They are both experts, but Art teacher B has established expertise and authority beyond the local school boundaries; with external audience, and provides value to others by demonstrating the knowledge of art on social media.

Educators go into teaching for different reasons, but for whatsoever your intentions are, becoming a schoolteacher, there might be an undertone of financial gain. This is why you need to prove to your employer you are worth a pay upgrade and a proof to the academic community that you are not just a schoolteacher scoring sheets, recording grades, or talking from 8am - 2pm to kids, teens, adolescents and adults who pays you to instruct them.  
As far as the Internet goes in terms of moneymaking you need to brand yourself real-time, get a platform and network with visionaries; social media offers you all these on a platter of gold, at freemium status.

Your brand is your profession and specialty, already established you as a schoolteacher. Period. Nevertheless, there are still subject matters you have the wow effect and most success, with your students; these areas are launch pad for your brand on social media. Your brand is not restricted to academics, I know of educators who are activists and fight for social causes not because of the money, yet, they now have natural access to sponsorship from companies that promotes their visions.

The platform is where other educators gather to share their expertise with one another. There are several of them online ZeSchool, EDUonGo, Mobiliya Facebook,, Twitter,, Edmodo, Edutopia, British council connecting classrooms, Skype in the classroom and the financial and professional platform Edujetage etc, even your local school district groups for private and public schools are platforms and springboard to expose your brand. However, platforms for educators are springing up everywhere on the Internet and you need to be on them to establish you expertise by making your presence standout.

Your network includes, but not restricted to firms (companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations) that have a community and social responsibility CSR portfolio for educational activities can become partners with you on establishing your expertise as a schoolteacher. When you have major projects of impact that aligns with their vision and promote their products and services, you become a candidate for their consideration. Remember the more places online and offline you establish you expertise, invariably gives you access to fellowship and followers.   
Before we move on, it will be great to establish the universal law that money does not come to those who go after money, for no good reason money becomes scared of them; but if you aim for the good and improvement of humanity, then for an unfathomable reason money comes as a by-product. Therefore, as you plan to take your career as an educator into social media, think first and hard of the millions of people you will fulfill their dreams, associating with your vision; make sure you actually make their dreams come to reality. At the long run, you will discover that your OPR is helping others, and then finances become a natural byproduct.

Now we can delve into the seven (7) nitty-gritty tweaks of earning income on social media as an educator:

1. Getting sponsors
Getting sponsors that pay you in order to associate with you in order to make their brand visible to your audience, this has gained traction especially with entertainment bloggers. Organising a live pod-casts that can be funded by sponsor, similar to what goes on television programs.

2. Flag adverts

Flagging an advert on you social sites has quadruple the income of popular blogs like Nairaland, which now monetizing their social media presence. You Tubers like EvanTubeHD a seven-year-old boy, who reviews toys for kids is amongst millionaires with direct income from his YouTube account.

Sponsorships differ from Adverts in that there is a long-term contract between you and your sponsors, while advert is temporary.

3. Selling stuffs
Now you have a considerable amount of followers online, which you can convert to customers that buy your textbooks, apps, DIY videos etc.
Social media can be a great place to sell your services like after school programs or summers coaching camps. It is easier to get book publishers to print your new book because you already have a live audience even as a rookie author.

4. Affiliate with markets
Affiliate your social presence with product (school database software, books, educational toys etc) or service providers, and you earn commission from these companies when anyone buys their products through your affiliate link.
Most social media channels provide affiliate links capabilities within a post, and any follower can click on the link and make a purchase via the link, giving your poster a percentage of that sale.

5. Promote services
If you are a service-based educator then you are sure to be noticed on social media especially on mobile marketing channels.
From upcoming summer camps and remedial coaching services or testimonials that you can share on Instagram to parents who are always engaged on Facebook; this can give you a lot of opportunity to promote your services.

6. Boost your handy work  
If you are an art, music or even Montessori schoolteacher, social media can be an amazing tool to make your expertise visible. As far as you are creative enough to present your subject area in visual forms, then nothing can stop you from reaching the right audience; with DIY photos and videos are your selling points.

7. Knowledge based social media
You join the several hundred thousand teachers and students on Edmodo, providing current solution to everyday classroom challenges or host a Skype in the classroom session or to share your creativity; in no time, you will be called up in reality to host a seminar, podcast, webinar or workshop somewhere around the world.
Why Social Media Works
Schoolteachers who take time to create social media contents and present it appropriately in time. Getting to know what your followers yearn for will pay off with time, when you are consistent.
Two main reasons why sharing your expertise on social media is worth it as you take your academic expertise beyond the classroom are:

1. Social Media Expands Your Reach by 1,000x
If you have 150 or 500 people visiting your social line daily from:
·         Edmodo has 450 active users
·         Twitter has over 135 million active users
·         Youtube sees over 1 billion active users each month
Even if only 0.1% of the people on those channels are interested in what you’re doing, you've still amplified your reach by over 1,000 times by using social media to spread your message and share your passion.

2. Social Media establishes academic expertise as a teacher 
Social media finds life in content especially visual contents, even if it is a 10 seconds video of solving a math problem or designing a classroom decor, by being consistent, you are already establishing your educational proficiency.

Finally, we have many schoolteachers who use the Internet to promote the expertise haphazardly; the best way is to focus on putting these seven channels together to give you a worthwhile profit and attentive audience online.